Second General Conference and Working Meeting
"Learning and Teaching History in Transregional, Transnational Frameworks"


Bochum 6-7 November 2009

Dear CLIOHWORLD partners, Dear Friends,

We hope that you had an excellent summer, and that refreshed, you are ready to take up the challenges of our CLIOHWORLD project.
We are very happy to invite you to attend the second CLIOHWORLD plenary meeting, which will take place in Bochum, on 6-7 November 2009 (arrival on 5 November, departure on 8 November), thanks to the good offices and generous hospitality of Michael Wala.
As in the case of Salzburg, the meeting will be focussed around a particular broad themes which will be introduced in the opening Plenary Session by a number of very interesting keynote speakers. The central theme of the Bochum meeting is Second General Conference and Working Meeting in BOCHUM: "Learning and Teaching History in Transregional, Transnational Frameworks".
As you can see, all the Working Groups have quite a bit to say about this theme. After the opening plenary, as in Salzburg, the Working Groups will hold their working sessions, in order to pursue their plans and agendas, evaluating the work carried at, before, and after the Salzburg meeting and undertaking their new Bochum workpackages.

We hope you have been in touch with the other members and the leaders of your Working Group: they will soon be contacting you if they have not already done so in order to prepare for Bochum. We will send you a draft programme as soon as we can, and certainly Michael Wala will prepare some more detailed logistic information. But right now, on the basis of this invitation, we ask you to please make your travel arrangements. We would like to remind you that CLIOHWORLD is on a very tight budget, and the condition sine qua non of carrying out our fine plans is that everyone uses the most economical travel solutions. To go to Bochum it is very easy and practical to fly to the airports of Dusseldorf or Cologne.

From these it is easy and fast to reach Bochum by train. Dortmund is also a possibility, although the train may be less convenient: check the Deutsche Bahn website ( for schedules. All three airports receive flights from many low cost airlines, and if you buy your tickets now you can find excellent prices.

Programme: pdf

Logistics: pdf

Depliant: pdf

Please proceed with your arrangements: if you have any questions please let
us know.

We are looking forward greatly to this meeting and to seeing you there.

Best wishes
Kathy with Gudmundur, Carla, Laura and Tommaso.