First Plenary Meeting, Salzburg, 26-27 June 2009

Dear CLIOH-WORLD coordinator, Dear Friend,

We are very happy to announce that we will hold the first Plenary and Working meeting of our new Network. The Conference will be held on 26 and 27 June 2009 (arrival on Thursday 25 June; departure on Sunday 28 June 2009).

We invite you, as CLIOH-WORLD coordinator for your University, to attend and to participate in the preparation of the meeting.

Thanks to the friendly and generous hospitality of our Coordinator from the University of Salzburg, Ewald Hiebl and his colleagues, we will surely have a fine start for our ambitious Network project. Salzburg is a beautiful city, and rich in centres, competences and resources related to the theme of our Conference: ”Creating Dialogue between EU History, History and World History”.

[Programme] On the morning of Friday 26 June, after registration, the first Plenary session will begin. It will include welcomes, keynote speeches on the themes of the Conference and a round table.

After lunch, the meeting will break up into Working Groups.

The Working Groups will work on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. They will be responsible for formulating the main input on the Conference theme.

On the afternoon of Saturday 27 June, we will hold the final Plenary, in which the Groups will report on what they have accomplished.

[Working Groups] WGs are planned on the following topics:

  1. EU History. This will be chaired by Ewald Hiebl (Salzburg) and Luisa Trindade (Coimbra)
  2. World History. This will be chaired by Seija Jalagin (Oulu) and Gerhard Dohrn van Rossum (for periodization). The Group will have two sections:
    • o periodization in European and non-European contexts
    • o mapping the definitions of world history, global history and how these are present in learning and teaching
  3. E-learning and digitization. This will be chaired by Tapio Onnela (Turku) and Carla Salvaterra (Bologna)
  4. EU–Turkey Dialogue. This will be chaired by Hatice Sofu (Adana) and Guðmundur Hálfdanarson (Reykjavik)
  5. Regional and Transnational History. This will be chaired by Iakovos Michailidis (Thessaloniki) with Jean-François Berdah (Toulouse le Mirail) and Steven Ellis (Galway)

SalzburgOur CLIOH-WORLD project requires the active input of all members. We certainly hope that you personally can come to the meeting and look forward to seeing you. Please make your own reservations and purchase your tickets to come to Salzburg for the conference dates. You can find much information – in many languages – on the website. There you will find indications about the many low-cost airlines that fly to Salzburg especially from Northern Europe. From many locations however, it is best to take the train or to fly to Munich: it is easy to get from Munich airport to Salzburg by train in a little more than two hours. Please look carefully for the most economical way reasonable to get to Salzburg, as we have tight budget constraints.

We will reimburse your tickets when you present the used tickets, the boarding passes and your timesheet after the meeting. We will pay for your hotel and meals in Salzburg, so you will not need to advance money for subsistence. If you prefer us to purchase the ticket for you, please write to Dr Laura Burgisano (l.burgisano[at] In this case too we will need the used ticket and the boarding passes to be returned to us after the meeting.
We are happy to welcome you to our website,, which is in provisional form, but already active.

We are sending herewith a short summary of CLIOH-WORLD, which we are sure will be of interest to you. We will also place in a reserved space on the website the entire proposal (which has been approved by the European Commission and has become our contract). This text is the basis of our obligations towards the European Commission and towards each other, as the CLIOH-WORLD Consortium. You will be advised and sent the password when it is available.

We look forward greatly to seeing you very soon in Salzburg, and beginning our important project.

Best wishes

Katherine Isaacs, coordinator, with Guðmundur Hálfdanarson, Carla Salvaterra (co-coordinators), Laura Burgisano (Project Manager), Tommaso Salamone (Financial Assistant) and Răzvan Adrian Marinescu (webmaster).

Proposal PDF